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*This site is a privately sponsored website with no direct legal connection with the Brevard county Government, Brevard County Detention Center, or the Brevard County Sheriff's office. It is privately provided as a public service.
The Brevard County Jail Inmate Search sytem is updated each morning at approximately 8am. Defendants incarcerated in the Brevard County Jail, also known as the Brevard County Detention Center after the update time will not show up in the search until the next morning and those that have posted bond will not show up at all on the Brevard County Daily Jail Population Report, but rather on the Brevard County Daily Arrest Report. To contact the Brevard County Jail you may call 321-690-1500 for reception dial 0. Clicking on the icons below will provide you with Brevard County inmate booking photo's, inmate charges, bond information and Brevard County court records. Additionally, we have provided several Brevard County Bail Bond Agencies to choose from. If you cannot obtain the information you require please contact one of the Brevard County bail bondsmen below.
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